Table 1

Screening checklist used to determine the patient's suitability for extubation

1. Awake and alert with cerebral function adequate for patient co-operation or equivalent preoperative state of consciousness?Yes/no
2. Haemodynamic stability (lack of vasopressor support and mean arterial pressure within 10–15% of baseline)?Yes/no
3. Adequate recovery of muscle strength?Yes/no
4. Normal tidal volumes, normocapnia (end-tidal carbon dioxide 30–45 mm  Hg), minimum pulse oximetry >95% with FiO2 0.5?Yes/no
5. Intact gag reflex and swallow function (presence of clearly audible cough during suctioning)?Yes/no
  • The answer to all questions must be “yes” in order for extubation to be approved.

  • FiO2, fraction of inspired oxygen.