Table 1

Characteristics of National Survey of Health and Development (NSHD) cohort members who were occupationally active in mid-life and whose physical and mental functioning had been assessed at ages 60–64, proportions and percentages (n, %) unless stated otherwise

Work exposures
 Job demand at age 36*, mean SD14851.531.531.651.411.361.29
 Job control at age 43*, mean SD14852.921.
Adult characteristics
 Occupational class at age 431481
 Body mass index at ages 60–64, mean SD126927.824.0527.834.0527.805.18
 Smoking history at ages 60–641445
  Never smoked46331.226230.020135.2
 Physical activity level at ages 60–641253
  1–4 times per month19012.810814.38216.5
  5 times or more per month29820.117222.812625.3
Childhood exposures
 Mother's education, primary1340105070.762676.942480.6
 Father's education, primary133497065.357771.639374.4
 Cognitive ability at age 8†, mean SD13410.160.810.120.810.210.80
 Parental interest in study member's school at age 71314
  • *Formation of the work exposure variables is explained in online supplementary table S1.

  • †Standardised z-score across the original NSHD cohort.