Table 1

Collected data

TopicsContent of itemsType of items
Intention/decisionIntention to perform mammography screening in next 3 months, type of screening (program or elsewhere), intention to participate in next invitational period*3 multiple choice items
ConfidenceConfidence with the decision1 item, 5-point Likert scale
Implementation of decisionPerformance of mammography screening in last 3 months*1 multiple choice item
AttitudeImportant/not important, a good thing/a bad thing, beneficial/harmful, comfortable/uncomfortable4 semantic differentials items, 5-point Likert scale, possible score range −8 to 8
KnowledgeTarget population, frequency and meaning of a positive screening result, incidence and mortality with or without screening program, false-negative screening results and overtreatment7 multiple choice items with one correct answer, possible score range 0 (very poor knowledge) to 7 (very good knowledge)
Self-rated knowledge1 item, 5-point Likert scale, ranging from 1 (very good) to 5 (very poor)
Health statusSelf-rated health1 item, 5-point Likert scale
Health behaviourSmoking status, previous mammography performance, reason for previous mammography (screening or diagnostic), performance of manual breast self-examination, diagnostic mammography in last 3 months*5 multiple choice items
Screening behaviourUse of other screenings (gynaecological cancer detection, skin cancer detection and health check-up)3 multiple choice items
Perceived behavioural controlFeelings and expectations towards mammography screening†15 items, 5-point Likert scale
Role of others/subjective normsAdvice to disadvice to participate or no advice by gynaecologist, general practitioner, partner, relatives and friends5 items, 5-point Likert scale
Breast cancerSelf-rated breast cancer risk, familial history of breast cancer (mother or sister), own history of breast cancer3 items, multiple choice and 5-point Likert scale
Demographic variablesPartnership, highest educational level, size of hometown, distance to screening unit, type of health insurance, registration for prevention bonus program of health insurance company7 multiple choice items
Migration backgroundCountry of birth, duration of stay, German nationality, language spoken at home4 multiple choice items
German language skillsSkills in reading, writing, speaking and listening4 items, 5-point Likert scale
Invitation statusInvitation for screening program received, time of receipt2 items, multiple choice and free text
Influence of the questionnaireSelf-rated influence of questionnaire on decision1 item, 5-point Likert scale
  • *Second questionnaire only. †First and second questionnaire.