Table 3

Appropriate management of cases by phase of study

ManagementPhase 1 (n=43)Phase 2 (n=43)p Value
Case 1 (adverse drug reaction)
 Reduce dose of donepezil (n=45)1226.7
 Refer to community support agency920.92046.50.02
 Educate carer on side effect of donepezil1227.92148.80.05
Case 2 (sexual abuse)
 Advice: sexual abuse at phase 1 and daughter to discuss father’s dementia with neighbours/current behaviour problems at phase 23172.12455.80.17
 Refer: to community support agency2967.43683.70.14
Case 3 (precarious social circumstances)
 Refer to community support agency3479.14195.40.04
 Prescribe pain killers/consider risperidone for wandering49.3
 Advice: leaflets on wandering, review 2 weeks/1 month3376.72967.40.34
Case 4 (dangerous driving)
 Refer to occupational therapy driving assessment/community support agency3274.43581.40.55
 Advice: leaflet on driving and dementia/stop driving3888.43990.71.00
Case 5 (increased need for carer support)
 Refer to community support agency3274.44297.70.002
 Advice: see daughter at another appointment3274.43479.10.75
Case 6 (financial problems)
 Refer: to community support agency /psychiatrist/counselling at phase 1 and to neurologist/community support agency at phase 22967.42967.41.00
 Advice: suggest alternative employment1841.92558.10.14