Table 5

Acceptability of intervention and control decision aids (stage 2)

About how long did you spend reading the booklet? (free response)
 Median12.5 min10 min
How much of the information in the booklet was new to you?
How would you rate the length of the booklet?
 Much too long00
 A little too long34
 Just about right1313
 A little too short01
 Much too short00
How balanced did you find the booklet?
 Clearly slanted towards screening52
 A little slanted towards screening16
 Completely balanced66
 A little slanted away from screening43
 Clearly slanted away from screening01
You found the information in the booklet clear and easy to understand
 Strongly agree612
 Neither agree nor disagree00
 Strongly disagree00
You found the booklet helpful in making your decision about breast screening
 Strongly agree55
 Neither agree nor disagree13
 Strongly disagree01
You would recommend this booklet to other women thinking about screening
 Strongly agree68
 Neither agree nor disagree23
 Strongly disagree00