Table 2

Content of final decision aids, with italics for items found only in intervention (Int.)

SectionSummary of content
TitleBreast cancer screening: It’s your choice
SubtitleNew information to help women aged about 50 to make a decision
IntroductionWhy is there a decision to make about having breast cancer screening?
What is the purpose of this booklet?
What is breast cancer screening?
Box: Screening is for women without symptoms
Making my choice about screening: Is this information relevant for me?
What can I consider to help me make my decision?
Box: There are 2 important things to know [Int.: 3 important things]
Numbers presented are best available estimates
Mortality benefitScreening leads to fewer women dying from breast cancer
Explanation about the lower number of women who die of breast cancer
Icon array of 1000 women screened over 20 years, showing how many:
  • avoid dying from breast cancer because of screening

  • still die from breast cancer in spite of screening

OverdetectionScreening leads to finding some breast cancers that are not harmful
Explanation about overdetection and consequent overtreatment
Icon array of 1000 women screened over 20 years, showing how many:
  • experience overdetection

  • are diagnosed with breast cancer that is not overdetection

Conceptual illustration contrasting scenarios with vs without screening
Box: Putting together breast cancer mortality benefit vs overdetection
False positive resultsScreening leads to some false positive results and extra testing
Explanation about false positive screening results
Icon array of 1000 women screened over 20 years, showing how many:
  • have a false positive with a biopsy

  • have a false positive with other extra tests

Questions you may haveWhat happens after an abnormal screening result?
How is overdetection different from false positives?
How is breast cancer treated?
If diagnosed, can I wait and see before I decide about treatment?
Can I screen using ultrasound or some other test, or combine tests?
How do we know that overdetection exists?
Making a choice: summaryTable comparing screening vs no screening, addressing (over 20 years):
  • What are the chances of dying from breast cancer?

  • What are the chances of experiencing overdetection?

  • What are the chances of having a false positive and extra testing?

  • What would I need to do?

Key scientific articles
GlossaryList of 15 medical terms and what they mean [Int.: 16 terms]
Closing informationFurther information sources (doctor, Cancer Council Helpline, websites)
This booklet was developed in 2013 by STEP, University of Sydney
If you have any questions about this booklet, please call study helpline
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