Table 1

Sociodemographic and clinical characteristics of the sample (N=23)

Age in years (mean, SD)30.3(6.3)
Female (n, %)16(70)
Employment status (n, %)
Married (n, %)7(30)
Education (n, %)
 High school16(70)
 University college7(30)
Previous psychological treatment (n, %)12(52)
Previous use of psychotropic medication (n, %)11(48)
Current use of psychotropic medication (n, %)7(30)
Years with BDD symptoms (mean, SD)15.3(8.1)
Number of body areas of concern (mean, SD)6(3)
BDD-5 insight specifier (n, %)
 Good or fair insight10(43)
 Poor insight11(48)
 Absent/delusional beliefs2(9)
Current comorbidity (n, %)
 Major depressive disorder10(43)
 Panic disorder1(4)
 Social anxiety disorder5(22)
 Obsessive–compulsive disorder2(9)
 Bulimia nervosa2(9)
 Generalised anxiety disorder1(4)
  • BDD, body dysmorphic disorder.