Table 1

Recruitment plans for 600 study participants with and without AGW

Field work▸ Peer educators will visit socialisation locations of MSM/TGW to distribute information materials about the project and invite them to participate
▸ Team will consist of MSM/TGW with different sexual self-identities (gay, heterosexual, bisexual, transgender) to ensure sample heterogeneity
Social media▸ Dissemination of the project through social networks (Facebook, Twister and hi5)
▸ Contact potential participants via chat rooms, gay ads in the most popular Peruvian webpage's (gayperu, peruesgay), and diffusion through blogs related to sexual health
Snowball sampling▸ In counselling sessions, enrolled participants asked to invite their friends, partners and acquaintances to participate
▸ TGW especially motivated to encourage peers to visit Epicentro and participate
  • AGA, anogenital warts; MSM, men who have sex with men; TGM, transgender women.