Table 3

Relationship between rate of transfer to CRH and LOS, across eight groups categorised by the combination of acute hospital and PCT

Group*Acute hospital and PCTNumber of patientsNumber (%) of patients transferred to CRHMedian acute hospital LOS (days)Median combined LOS (days)†
1Hospital B, PCT 21413 (2.1)1920
2Hospital B, PCT 31858 (4.3)1919
3Hospital C, PCT 513744 (32.1)1317
4Hospital A, PCT 1‡7023 (32.9)1325.5
5Hospital C, PCT 421180 (37.9)1323
6Hospital D, PCT 518973 (38.6)1421
7Hospital A, PCT 2‡233110 (47.2)1123
8Hospital D, PCT 66435 (54.7)1127.5
  • *Group ranked by rate of transfer to the CRH.

  • †This is the median combined length of stay in the acute hospital and the CRH.

  • ‡These represent transfers from the acute hospital to a CRH run by the acute hospital trust.

  • CRH, community rehabilitation hospitals; LOS, length of stay; PCT, Primary Care Trust.