Table 1

Description of four acute hospital hip fracture services and access to community rehabilitation services, information collected via organisational survey 2011/2012

Hospital AHospital BHospital CHospital D
Approximate catchment population300 000500 000400 000500 000
Orthogeriatrician inputLiaisonJoint careJoint careJoint care
Orthogeriatrican sessions*/week371310†
Number of PCTs at discharge‡3324
Number of PCTs with a home-based rehabilitation service3323
Number of CRHs at discharge‡,§3279
  • *One session=four hours of either morning or afternoon work.

  • †Includes five sessions provided by a specialist trainee.

  • ‡Hospitals may discharge small numbers of patients to other PCTs.

  • §Each hospital also had access to a small number of beds in one additional social care funded community rehabilitation facility.

  • CRH, community rehabilitation hospital; DGH, district general hospital; Joint care, formal joint care between orthogeriatric and trauma and orthopaedic services; PCT, Primary Care Trusts.