TableĀ 5

Predictors of HIV positivity

Variable nameHIV as dependent variable
NAOR95% CIp Value
STI199*0.7940.267 to 2.3630.679
Receptive anal sex without condoms1.590.624 to 4.0490.3311
Insertive anal sex without condoms0.840.282 to 2.4990.7545
Internalized Homonegativity Score0.970.918 to 1.0250.279
City (Dar es Salaam vs Tanga)3.471.255 to 9.5960.0165
Number of gay men over 15 known1.031.002 to 1.0550.0322
Ever married or lived with a female partner0.380.111 to 1.3300.131
First sexual partner was a man0.40.168 to 0.9710.0428
Self-identified as gay/homosexual3.061.007 to 9.3080.0486
  • *Although 300 participants were entered into the regression model, only 199 participants were used in computing ORs for the variables above, because logistic regression models use list-wise deletions for in the regression process. Thus participants that have missing values for any of the variables above will be removed in the regression process and will not be used in computing ORs. That is, only 199 participants have non-missing values for all the variables above. AORs were adjusted for all the variables shown in the table.

  • AOR, adjusted OR.