Table 1

Demographic variables

 Some primary school and under105.055.0
 Completed primary school, some secondary school or complete secondary school17989.59191.0
 Some or completed tertiary education115.544.0
Marital status199N%100N%
 Never married18392.08888.0
 Living with partner42.011.0
Ever married/lived with a female partner*158N%96N%
Currently employed†199N%100N%
Self-identified sexual orientation200N%100N%
Sexual activity over the past 5 years200N%100N%
 Only men/mostly men16180.58282.0
 Equal men/women52.577.0
 Mostly women3417.01111.0
Paid sex, last month200N%100N%
 Been paid for sex16180.58484
 Paid another man for sex3618.51010
  If any paid sex, both paid and paying301588
  • *Twenty-four people did not respond in DES.

  • †Does not include transactional sex.

  • DES, Dar es Salaam.