TableĀ 1

NACA score of powered paragliding accidents in this study

CategoryDescriptionPilotsPer cent
NACA 0No injury or disease19450.6
NACA ISlight injury or illness. No acute medical intervention necessary5915.4
NACA IISlight to moderately severe injury or illness. Further diagnostic examination needed or outpatient medical investigation, but usually no emergency medical measures necessary4812.5
NACA IIIModerate to severe but not life-threatening disorder. Emergency medical measures usually on the site4311.2
NACA IVSevere injury or illness where rapid development into a life-threatening condition cannot be excluded. Emergency medical care is required112.9
NACA VAcute vital (life-threatening) danger51.3
NACA VIBreathing and/or cycle stopped and/or resuscitation
NACA VIIDeath236
  • NACA, National Advisory Committee of Aeronautics.