TableĀ 8

Performance of each score for predicting the relevant outcome in the CPRD validation cohort. The cut-off is the threshold of predicted risk for the top decile in the CPRD cohort

ScoreOutcomeDurationCut-off (%) for top decile predicted riskSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)Observed risk (%)
QDiabetesType 2 diabetes10-year risk13.044.891.020.8
QStrokeIschaemic stroke10-year risk10.554.790.816.1
QRISK2Cardiovascular disease10-year risk20.749.991.931.8
QThrombosisVenous thromboembolism5-year risk1.536.290.12.6
QKidneyModerate-severe kidney failure5-year risk6.359.190.56.9
QKidneySevere kidney failure5-year risk0.458.590.00.7
QBleedUpper GI bleed5-year risk1.638.090.23.5
QBleedIntracranial bleed5-year risk0.944.290.11.6
QFractureFractured neck of femur10-year risk3.766.590.49.4
QFractureOsteoporotic fracture10-year risk7.849.690.513.1
  • CPRD, Clinical Research Data Link; GI, gastrointestinal.