Table 1

Sample sizes and cross-over between the study groups

HRsHRs total, including251
 HRs moved to the eRA group26
eRAeRA total, including257
 Former HRs26
 Enrolled as eRA patients231
laRAlaRA total, including274
 Former eRA patients185
 Enrolled as laRA patients (experience of RA >3 years)89
Intermediate (between eRA and laRA)RA patients with RA >6 months but <3 years30
Total RARA total376
  • eRA, early RA (<0.5 years RA duration); HCs, healthy controls (women with no RA among close relatives); HRs, healthy first-degree female relatives of RA patients; laRA, late RA (>3 years RA duration); RA, rheumatoid arthritis.