TableĀ 2

Conditions for which respondents would like a point-of-care test to help them diagnose conditions: top 10 in each country

Australia (n=298)Belgium (n=319)The Netherlands (n=639)UK (n=1109)USA (n=405)
ConditionPer cent (n)ConditionPer cent (n)ConditionPer cent (n)ConditionPer cent (n)ConditionPer cent (n)
Diabetes57 (170)PE/DVT94 (300)PE/DVT106.5 (651)*UTI47 (521)UTI56 (225)
Acute cardiac disease42 (126)Acute cardiac disease76 (241)Acute cardiac disease62.7 (383)PE/DVT43 (478)Strep throat54 (218)
UTI32 (95)Heart failure24 (75)Chest infection/cough/LRTI54.7 (334)Diabetes35 (385)Diabetes42 (169)
Pregnancy26 (79)Chest infection/cough/LRTI24 (75)UTI26.0 (159)Acute cardiac disease25 (282)Influenza40 (162)
Anaemia18 (53)Infections23 (74)Heart failure22.9 (140)INR/anticoagulation18 (199)Pregnancy25 (103)
Chronic and acute renal conditions (excluding UTI)15 (45)UTI19 (61)Anaemia20.0 (122)Pregnancy16 (178)Infectious mono14 (56)
INR/anticoagulation17 (51)Acute and chronic renal impairment12 (39)Diabetes14.7 (90)Anaemia15 (162)Anaemia13 (52)
PE/DVT13 (40)Diabetes12 (37)Infections13.1 (80)Heart failure11 (124)STDs7 (27)
Heart failure12 (37)Anaemia8 (24)Appendicitis10.8 (66)COPD/asthma10 (116)INR7 (27)
COPD/asthma12 (35)STDs7 (21)STDs9.0 (55)Chest infection/cough/LRTI9 (102)Acute cardiac disease6 (23)
  • *>100% Since we combined PE and DVT. This is because some respondents in the Netherlands listed both PE and PE/DVT. In other countries we faced similar problems. Since it was impossible to split PE from DVT when respondents listed PE/DVT as a single condition, we lumped them together.

  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; DVT, deep vein thrombosis; INR, international normalised ratio; LRTI, lower respiratory tract infection; PE, pulmonary embolism; STD, sexually transmitted disease; UTI, urinary tract infection.