Table 1

Characteristics of respondents in each country

CountryAustraliaBelgiumThe NetherlandsUKUSA
Total number of respondents2983196391109405
Response rate10%NA30%68%NA
Dates of data collectionSent out May 2013, one reminder, closed in October 2013Sent out February 2013, no reminder, closed March 2013Sent out February 2013, one reminder, closed March 2013Sent out September 2012, three reminders closed October 2012December 2013 through February, 2014
Female (%)NA131 (40)239 (37)475 (43)119 (29)
Kilometres to nearest hospital (average)NA7.18.611.27.9
Location of practice
 Rural or semirural280 (44%)176 (55%)280 (44%)377 (34%)102 (25%)
 Urban or suburban359 (56%)143 (45%)359 (56%)732 (66%)303 (75%)
Number of patients registered at practice (average)NA280041108275NA
Sampling method2933 GPs Australian Medical Association membership list with addition of data from other sources (approximately 80% GPs covered)Existing mailing list of GPs and GP groups in the region were contacted. The survey was only sent to GPs in Flanders (the Flemish speaking part of Belgium)All GPs in three regionally distributed GP networks approachedRandomly sampled, stratified according to age, length of time in practice, specialty and locationAAFP National Research network and a randomly sampled group of practitioners, stratified according to age, length of time in practice, specialty and location
SourceAustralasian Medical Publishing Company Data DirectAcademic networks and GP groups of the region collectively contactedGPs in three regions of departments of general practiceDoctors.netPractice Based Research Network and commercial polling agency
Type of surveyElectronic and paperElectronicElectronicElectronicElectronic
Year qualified as a doctor: average19881990199119931990
  • AAFP, American Academy of Family Practitioners; GP, general practitioner; NA, not available.