Table 1

Age and sex adjusted characteristics of the population of the National Diet and Nutrition Survey 2008–2011

VariableTotal (N=1027)
Age (year)43.3 (42.5 to 44.0)
Sex (%)
Weight (kg)78.9 (77.9 to 79.8)
Height (cm)169.5 (169.1 to 169.9)
BMI (kg/m2)27.4 (27.0 to 27.7)
Smoking habit (%)
 Former smoker36.6
 Current smoker27.4
Marital status (%)
 Living with partner63.8
 Living alone36.2
Education attainment (%)
 Higher education27.1
 Below degree, A level or equivalent31.1
 GCSE or equivalent25.5
 No qualification16.2
Occupation (%)
 Professional, managerial, administrative45.9
 Routine and manual34.1
Sodium intake (mg/day)*2245 (1092)
Energy intake (kcal/day)*1799 (761)
Alcohol consumption (g/day)*6.0 (23.0)
Region (%)
 North East4.2
 North West13.0
 Yorkshire and the Humber8.2
 East Midlands10.7
 West Midlands11.0
 East of England9.7
 South East15.6
 South West7.9
  • *Median with IQR.

  • Results are mean (95% CIs) and percentage, unless stated.

  • BMI, body mass index; GCSE, General Certificate of Secondary Education.