Table 2

Clinical characteristics among patients with AP according to RDW tertiles

Group 1Group 2Group 3p Value
RDW (%)>13.312.6–13.3<12.6
Age (years)55.9±15.151.5±14.946.2±15.50.035*
Gender (M/F)16/1828/108/26<0.001†
AP hospital day16 (2–75)14 (7–39)14 (6–29)0.361‡
AP mortality6/342/380/340.018†
BUN (mmol/L)4.9 (2.6–15.2)5.2 (2–13.5)4.8 (2.6–17.5)0.657‡
Cr (μmol/L)59 (37–198)63 (35–127)49 (36–193)0.07
TB (μmol/L)18 (10–65)19 (6–48)16 (8–50)0.417‡
ALT (U/L)34 (15–591)38 (7–234)27 (7–235)0.208‡
AST (U/L)31 (12–1989)27 (12–111)28 (14–72)0.338‡
Ca (mmol/L)2.03±0.212.05±0.282.19±0.160.008‡
Amy (U/L)506 (28–2277)948 (28–3734)1002 (55–2708)0.051‡
TP (g/L)57.5±8.857.7±7.862.2±9.20.04*
Alb (g/L)33.2±5.634.6±6.039.2±7.0<0.001*
LDH (U/L)361.3±194.1392.2±150.9254.1±138.50.041*
Glu (mmol/L)7.02±1.666.71±2.577.85±3.570.269*
WCC (×109/L)9.3 (4.6–32)15.1 (4.5–33.9)11.1 (2.7–23.1)0.012‡
RBC (×1012/L)4.32±1.005.04±0.704.62±0.620.001*
Hgb (g/L0128±28152±20144±20<0.001*
PLT (×109/L)183 (54–540)212 (93–336)213 (85–402)0.052‡
MCV (fL)88.54±5.0188.52±4.8489.54±3.180.550*
MPV (fL)11.56±1.2311.08±1.1510.88±1.380.087*
  • *Analysis of variance.

  • †χ2 Test.

  • ‡Kruskal-Wallis H test.

  • Alb, albumin; ALT, alanine aminotransferase; Amy, elevated serum amylase; AP, acute pancreatitis; AST, aspartate aminotransferase; BUN, blood urea nitrogen; Ca, calcium; Cr, creatinine; F, female; Glu, glucose; Hgb, haemoglobin; LDH, lactate dehydrogenase; M, male; MCV, mean corpuscular volume; MPV, mean platelet volume; PLT, platelet; RBC, red blood cell; RDW, red cell distribution width; TB, total bilirubin; TP, total protein; WCC, white cell count.