Table 3

Utilisation of healthcare services by pregnant women, mothers and children

Number of mothers who responded positive on the particular knowledge/practiceTotal number of mothers eligible for the questionPercentage (%) (95% CI)
Pregnant women receiving antenatal care at least once1350144393.6 (92.3 to 94.9)
Pregnant women receiving antenatal care four times or above1014144370.3 (67.9 to 72.7)
Children delivered at hospital1436144399.5 (99.1 to 99.9)
Mothers and children receiving home visit after delivery (within 7 days after discharge)1651442*11.4 (9.8 to 13.0)
Mothers receiving postnatal care at 42 days after delivery3401413†24.1 (21.9 to 26.3)
Children ever immunised1598160199.8 (99.6 to 100.0)
  • *Data of one child were missing.

  • †Only children older than 42 days were used to calculate this indicator.