TableĀ 4

Process evaluation design with realist evaluation framework following realist evaluation principles outlined by Pawson et al41 and Pawson and Tiller42

Realist evaluation componentProcess evaluation componentData sourcesData collection timetableData analysis
ContextProcess and service network mappingInterviews with service staffBaselineQualitative/thematic changes and network analysis
Service document scanBaseline and follow-upMonitoring for key decision-making moments
Interviews with staff in collaborating services in the networkBaseline and follow-upQualitative/thematic changes and network analysis
MechanismIntervention developmentNumber of education workshops with service staffBaseline and intervention phaseNumeric
Workshop evaluations/ratingBaselineLikert scale compilations and comparisons
Number of distinct intervention strategies developedBaselineNumeric
Intervention implementationNumber and proportion of distinct strategies put into practiceInterventionNumeric
OutcomesIncreased proportion of target group screened/referredService recordsFrom baseline to follow-upRepeated measures of proportions of client screened
Increased staff knowledge and practicesKnowledge, attitudes and practices surveyBaseline and follow-upQualitative/thematic changes and change in network characteristics