Table 4

Results of the multiple linear regressions (also controlled for age and education, not shown)

CoefficientBody weight, kgBMI, kg/m2WC, cmTotal WCC, G/LFasting glucose, mmolHDL-C, mmolTAG, mmol
Body height, cm0.8NA0.3NANANANA
Occasional smokers−0.3−0.2−0.90.1−0.03−0.050.05
Light smokers0.2−0.1−0.20.6−0.09−0.120.11
Moderate smokers−1.3−0.2−0.91.3−0.04−0.130.13
Heavy smokers9.−0.550.85
Moderate physical activity−1.0−0.5−0.5−0.80.04−0.09
High physical activity−3.4−1.2−2.8−0.80.12−0.14
Calories, kJ/day10.−0.20.1
  • Occasional smokers, less than 1 cigarette per day; light smokers, 1–10 cigarettes per day; moderate smokers, 11–20 cigarettes per day; heavy smokers: >20 cigarettes per day. All smoking categories compared to non-smokers. Bold coefficients: p<0.01; italic coefficients: p<0.05. NA, not applicable (body height in the case of BMI and lab parameters); –, dropped from the model.

  • BMI, body mass index; HDL-C, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol; TAG, triacylglycerides; WC, waist circumference; WCC, white cell count.