Table 3

Multivariable logistic regression analysis of risk factors associated with transmission of hepatitis among healthcare workers in District Jamshoro, Sindh Province, Pakistan

VariableAdjusted ORCI95p Value
(A) Hepatitis B
 Hepatitis B vaccination*0.1080.03 to 0.3<0.000
 Bending or breaking needle by hand4.91 to 240.04
(B) Hepatitis C
 Needle stick injury61.4 to 230.012
 Recap needle after use5.71.1 to 280.03
 More than 10 years of educations0.250.07 to 0.80.02
 Treated at A&E of hospital5.51 to 280.03
 Female gender3.41 to 120.04
  • *OR is calculated with hepatitis B seropositivity as outcome.

  • A&E, accidents and emergency.