Table 2

Univariate logistic regression analysis with unadjusted OR for variables associated with viral hepatitis among healthcare workers of district Jamshoro, Sindh Province, Pakistan

Variables|Hepatitis BHepatitis C
Unadjusted ORCI95p ValueUnadjusted ORCI95p Value
Exposure prone procedures
 Needle stick injury2.00.93 to to 11.60.003
 Handling infectious waste2.750.9 to to 2.880.53
 Surgery0.580.18 to 1.80.361.70.62 to 50.28
Safe injection practices
 Recap needle after use1.20.36 to 4.40.730.92 to 9.90.06
 Move around with uncapped needle2.80.53 to to 8.10.7
 Use of sharp disposal container0.250.09 to 0.70.0080.780.25 to 2.40.66
Factors outside workplace
 Hepatitis B vaccination0.20.11 to 0.5<0.000
 More than 10 years of educations0.60.29 to to 1.10.08
 Female gender0.90.43 to to 3.80.15
 Family member with hepatitis0.70.14 to 3.50.730.65 to 14.50.15
 Treated at A&E of hospital1.20.56 to to 5.20.05
 Received blood transfusion2.10.61 to to 6.30.5
Staff category
 Lady health worker0.60.28 to to 4.50.1
 Operation theatre staff0.70.14 to 3.40.620.47 to 8.440.3
 Sanitary workers1.20.36 to to 3.50.7
 Outreach vaccination staff1.70.58 to 5.20.310.25 to 3.50.9
 Labour room staff1.90.41 to to 8.40.6
 Doctors1.60.27 to 10.20.610.1 to 80.9
 Ward servants1.20.62 to to 2.70.5
 Support staff1.40.45 to to 7.40.1
  • A&E, accidents and emergency.