Table 2

Rate of persons with at least one office visit to orthopaedic surgeons and with at least one orthopaedic surgery for musculoskeletal disorders, Ontario: 2007–2008*

Office visitsSurgery
Individual-level indicators
Age groups
Area-level indicators
Access to PCP
 Quintile I (lowest)42.611.4
 Quintile II49.413.8
 Quintile III51.714.4
 Quintile IV50.113.9
 Quintile V (highest)46.314.3
Geographic availability of orthopaedic surgeons
 Quintile I (lowest)52.714.1
 Quintile II44.012.3
 Quintile III45.112.4
 Quintile IV49.915.1
 Quintile V (highest)50.917.0
 Quintile I (lowest)43.211.7
 Quintile II42.412.0
 Quintile III51.614.5
 Quintile IV53.614.6
 Quintile V (highest)51.014.7
Proportion of population ≥65 years
 Quintile I (lowest)39.310.8
 Quintile II42.411.4
 Quintile III51.714.2
 Quintile IV55.815.7
 Quintile V (highest)54.916.6
Proportion of rural population (%)
  • *Rates expressed per 1000 population.

  • PCP, primary care physicians; SES, socioeconomic status.