Table 1

Use of orthopaedic surgeons services, access to primary care physicians (PCP) by those 18 years and older and availability of orthopaedic surgeons across health planning areas (n=105), Ontario: 2007–2008

MedianMinimum– maximum25th–75th centile
Use of orthopaedic surgeons services
 Patients with office visits per 1000 population49.824.0–96.642.0–60.1
 Patients with orthopaedic surgery per 1000 population14.93.3–24.711.8–17.4
Access to PCP
 Patients with visits for MSD per 1000 population250.4140.3–558.7224.3–276.5
Orthopaedic surgeons provision
 Distance to nearest orthopaedic surgeon (km)11.51–3424.4–26.5
 Proportion of the population within 50 km of orthopaedic surgeons97.516.6–100.0
 Orthopaedic surgeon availability index (weighted hours per week per 100 000 population)57.00.03–391.46.3–104.2
  • PCP, primary care physicians.