Table 3

Time from first detecting a skin change to first presentation, and first to second presentations to primary care, by time intervals (ordered by first TTP), gender, age, melanoma type and stage

Time from detecting a skin change to first presentationTime from first presentation to second presentationGender and ageType and stage
Thinner melanomas
 12w104wM, 63SSM, IA
 24w22wF, 58SSM, IA
 314w52wF, 53SSM, IA
 420w78wF, 66LMM, IA
Thicker melanomas
 51w17wM, 75SSM, IIC
 63w1wM, 73NM, IIB
 74w52wM, 45SSM, IIA
 84w68wM, 40Other, IIIA
 94w78wF, 48Acral, IIIA
 1010w16wF, 56NM, IIIA
 1178w3wM, 36NM, IIA
  • F, female; LMM, lentigo maligna melanomas; M, male; NM, nodular melanomas; SSM, superficial spreading melanomas; w, week.