TableĀ 3

Positive predictive value (PPV) by algorithm where evidence was available to assess GP compared with physician diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

AlgorithmTotal number with evidence (N=272)Number of patients with COPD confirmed by gold standard (N=220)Number with COPD according to GPPPV and 95% CI
COPD Code+spirometry+COPD medication464646100
COPD Code+spirometry44353394.3, 82.4 to 98.9
COPD Code+COPD medication48434195.3, 82.4 to 98.9
COPD Code only40343397.1, 80.2 to 99.6
Bronchitis+COPD medication32211990.5, 66.0 to 97.9
Bronchitis only18121191.7, 49.9 to 99.2
Symptoms+spirometry30212095.2, 69.1 to 99.4
Symptoms only148675.0, 27.6 to 95.9