Table 1

Characteristics of included studies

Study IDDuration of studyMedian FUSetting, center, countryPatients, n*Median age, years (range)*Fraction of males, %*Median interval, days*†Stem cell sourceIST componentsATG source
Bayever et al201977 to 1982NRSingle, USA35 vs 2217 (2–24) vs 15 (1–23)67 vs 6860 vs 58Bone marrowATGhorse
Führer et al221993 to 1997NRMulti, Germany, Austria28 vs 8610.1 (2.3–15.8) vs 9.1 (0.9–15.2)43 vs 6249 vs 23Bone marrowATG
Gratwohl et al211976 to 1980NRSingle, Switzerland19 vs 1318 (4–29) vs 23 (7–37)53 vs 54105 vs 180Bone marrowATG
  • *Donor group (MSD-HSCT) versus no donor group (IST).

  • †Median time interval between diagnosis and begin of treatment.

  • ATG, anti-thymocyte globulin; FU, follow-up; IST, immunosuppressive therapy; MSD-HSCT, HLA-matched sibling donor haematopoietic stem cell transplantation; NR, not reported.