TableĀ 7

Board comments on outline applications relating to patient and public involvement (PPI)

Unique identifierYear outline application submittedText from Board minutes for outline applications
282007The applicants should consider involvement of disadvantaged groups.
652006There was no clear service user involvement and this needs to be addressed.
702006The Board would be pleased to see letters of support from appropriate PCTS and patient groups that the trial is feasible. The Board wish to see patient and public involvement in any full proposal.
342008The Board noted it was a well designed study that has received input from patients.
922007Ethical aspects including acceptability to parents must be fully considered.
392008Consideration should be given to increasing service user involvement.
422008Patient representation is required.
982007An explanation and demonstration of acceptability to parents must be included.
1052007The application would benefit from strong patient and public involvement.