Table 1

Interviewers and interview characteristics

 Which authors conducted the interviewsBK, JB, JS, KB and MB
 QualificationsBK, JB (PhD), JS (MSc), MB (MA (Cantab)), KB (BSc)
JB, KB (Registered Nurses)
 Occupation at the time of studyBK: research fellow; JB, JS,KB: research associate, MB: research assistant—all university employees
 GenderBK, JS, JB, KB: female; MB: male
 TrainingAll have had training and experience in qualitative research methodology
 Was the interviewer already known to the study participants?A small number of participants were acquainted with their interviewer through prior involvement in quantitative study recruitment and may have been aware of their interviewers’ background
 SettingInterviews were carried out in the participant’s place of work in a quiet private space
 Who was present?Participant and interviewer only
 DurationInterviews lasted between 30 and 60 min
 Audiovisual recordingAll interviews were audio recorded with participant consent
 ConsentConsent was obtained at the time of interview or before if conducted by telephone
 ConfidentialityInterviewees were assured of anonymity and confidentiality for themselves and their organisation
 TranscriptionInterviews were centrally transcribed and checked for accuracy by site researchers
 Field notesField notes were recorded following the interview to add context to the analysis
 Repeat interviewsNo repeat interviews were deemed necessary
 Post interview contactAll participants were given contact details for any further thoughts or comments they wanted to add after the interview