Table 4

Health problems identified on receipt of delayed discharge letter (n=32)

Health issueHealth problems identifiedp Value*
Group BGroup D
NPer centNPer cent
1. Hypertension633.300.00.02
2. Diabetes422.2535.70.45
3. Glaucoma316.700.00.24
4. Asthma422.2428.60.70
5. Thyroid nodule1794.41071.40.14
6. Anticoagulation1161.1750.00.72
7. Social support422.2214.30.67
8. Pulmonary embolism422.200.00.11
9. Colorectal cancer1266.7857.10.72
10. Anxiety844.4214.30.12
Number of identified problems
 Coefficient (95% CI), p value†0.00 (ref. group)−1.34 (−2.75 to 0.06), 0.06
  • *p Values derived from Fisher's exact test.

  • †Results are derived from a linear regression and overall p value is derived from the Wald test.