Table 3

Trigger descriptors, AE and positive predictive value

Trigger CodeTrigger descriptionAdverse eventsPositive triggersSeverity of harmTrigger PPV (%)
PG8Complication of procedure or treatment1822579963611370.8
PG3Readmission to hospital within 30 days107462366801223.2
PG2Tissue damage or pressure ulcer81250661201232.4
PG4Unplanned admission68166823410314.1
PO1Other (specify)60425481001114.1
PS3Surgical site infection4860242201180.0
PM5Anti-emetic given415074010008.1
PG10Hypoxia O2 sat <85%3615731230022.9
PG1EWS or baseline observations missing/incomplete or score/observation requiring response3513622680102.6
PG9Transfer to higher level of care (inc admission to specialist unit, ICU/HDU)35273151405112.8
PS1Return to theatre337515152144.0
PM7Intravenous bolus≥10 mL/kg colloid or crystalloid given313862251128.0
PG11Cancelled elective procedure/ delayed discharge2455101210143.6
PL14Positive blood culture235518401041.8
PL13Nosocomial pneumonia212881002175.0
PL5Na+ <130 or >150147112101019.7
PG5Cranial imaging10141423017.0
PL8Hyperglycaemia (>12 mmol/L)116510100016.9
PS2Change in planned procedure11376500029.7
PL3Abrupt drop in Hb or Hct (>25%)10659100015.4
PM8Abrupt medication stop10528200019.2
PL8Hypoglycaemia (<3 mmol/L)10469100021.7
PL9Drug level out of range10328200031.3
PL6K+ <3.0 or >6.09698001013.0
IP1Readmission to ICU or HDU9165103056.3
PS4Removal/injury or repair of organ9433510020.9
PG6Respiratory/cardiac arrest/crash call9410207022.0
PM5Chlorpheniramine given9827200011.0
PL4Rising urea or creatinine (>2× baseline)6544200011.1
PL1High INR (>5) or APTT>100 s6316000019.4
PM4Glucagon or glucose≥10% given6506000012.0
PG7Diagnostic imaging for embolus/thrombus +/− confirmation4242110016.7
PM2Naloxone given4163001025.0
PL11Clostridium difficile4123100033.3
PM1Vitamin K given (except routine neonatal dose)133100003.0
PM3Flumazanil given0200000NA
PL10MRSA bacteraemia0000000NA
PL12Vancomycin-resistant enterococcus0000000NA
  • AE, adverse events; APTT, activated partial thromboplastin time; Hb, haemoglobin; Hct, haematocrit; HDC, high dependency unit; ICU, intensive care unit; INR, international normalised ratio; MRSA, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureu; NA, not applicable; PPV, positive predictive value.