Table 2

Screening tools for abstract and full paper screening

CriteriaAbstracts screening
Does the abstract
Full paper screening
Does the full paper
1. SM InterventionRefer to a SM intervention in adult populations?
A structured programme, project or initiative applied at the individual or group level that explicitly aims to improve the way individuals self-manage their chronic conditions, optimise their health and live well
Refer to a SM intervention in adult populations?
An intervention or programme that aims to improve SM skills and knowledge in adults. Must include at least one of the following life skills: problem solving, decision-making, resource utilisation, patient-provider relations, taking action, goal setting and/or confidence building mechanisms. Must involve a patient-centred or empowerment approach to learning (vs traditional education approach of one way transmission of information)
2. Chronic conditionsAddress at least one chronic condition of interest?
Diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, chronic lung disease, depression and other mental health conditions (including mood disorders, anxiety and schizophrenia), rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, chronic pain and/or multimorbidities of these conditions
3. Disadvantaged populationsInclude the populations of interest?
Aged (>65 years), ethnic minorities, indigenous people, rural, low income, low education and/or immigrant