Table 4

Sex-specific estimates of rate advancement period (RAP) and associated 95% CI for overall and mortality due to ARCs, CVD/CHD and injuries and violent deaths, related to two scenarios of lifetime alcohol use. RAP estimates express the impact of a given exposure on the risk of death, by determining the time (in years) by which the risk of death is anticipated for study participants exposed, for example, all drinkers more than the threshold (5 or 15 g/day in Scenarios I and II, respectively), compared to non-exposed, that is, individuals drinking between 0.1 g/day and the threshold*

 Scenario IScenario II
Threshold 5 g/dayThreshold 15 g/day
RAP (years)95% CIRAP (years)95% CI
 Overall0.36−0.05 to 0.760.830.26 to 1.39
 CVD/CHD0.23−0.46 to 0.920.08−0.96 to 1.14
 Alcohol-related cancers1.28−0.86 to 3.411.90−1.00 to 4.81
 Injuries and violent deaths−2.69−6.85 to 1.47−0.20−5.85 to 5.46
 Overall0.15−0.48 to 0.761.420.96 to 1.89
 CVD/CHD−0.53−1.57 to 0.50−0.01−0.82 to 0.81
 Alcohol-related cancers2.59−0.30 to 5.495.033.07 to 7.00
 Injuries and violent deaths7.59−2.82 to 18.0211.833.92 to 18.17
  • *Never lifetime alcohol users did not enter into the estimation process.

  • CVD/CHD, cardiovascular diseases coronary heart disease; RAP, rate advancement period.