Table 2

Frequency of clinical management issues

Total occurrencesPatients affected by clinical issues (n=2862)
Degree of criticism of patient management
 No issues identified18401840 (64%)
 Area of consideration1286560 (20%)
 Area of concern562271 (9%)
 Area of adverse event230182 (6%)
 Missing data369 (<1%)
Total39542862 (100%)
Perceived impact on patient outcome
 No issues of management identified18401840 (64%)
 Did not affect clinical outcome489243 (9%)
 May have contributed to death1345598 (21%)
 Probably contributed to death182146 (5%)
 Missing data9835 (1%)
Total39542862 (100%)
Perceived preventability of clinical issues
 No issues identified18401840 (64%)
 Definitely preventable238179 (6%)
 Probably preventable836378 (13%)
 Probably not preventable739360 (13%)
 Definitely not preventable8249 (2%)
 Missing data21956 (2%)
Total39542862 (100%)
  • Multiple clinical management issues could be identified per case.