Table 1

Time from attendance to discharge (minutes) for (1) an injury completely treated by the ED and (2) injuries eligible for the new process

 Treatment time (mean, min)
BeforeAfterMean difference (min, 95% CI)p Value
(1) ED managed injury (n=4060)
 Ankle sprain (n=4060) (−1.5 to 1.8)0.888
(2) Managed by new process (combined ED discharge and VFC referral) (n=2154)
 5th Metacarpal (n=566)51.654.32.7 (−2.6 to 8.1)0.316
 Radial head (n=273) (−6.0 to 6.5)0.948
 Metatarsal (n=687)1171192.0 (−5.1 to 9.1)0.571
 Ankle fracture (n=539)*†71.365.2−6.1 (−12.1 to −0.1)0.046
 Radial styloid (n=89)*62.849.6−13.2 (−25.3 to −1.2)0.032
  • ED discharge and VFC referrals are analysed together as it was not always possible to determine the ultimate destination of a discharged patient.

  • *Injuries that were treated with removable splints after the process change.

  • †Ankle fractures were subsequently reviewed at the virtual fracture clinic.