Table 1

Comparison of the insurance database information with the ASIDD recommendations

In the insurance data files
ASIDD ‘Core’ data item
 Date of injuryYes
 Activity when injured—broad areasYes
 Mechanism of injuryYes
 Body region and body chartYes
 Nature of injuryYes
 Category agreement score (maximum score = 7)7 (100%)
ASIDD ‘Strongly recommended’ data item
 Person recording case informationYes
 Immediate source of injury recordYes
 Area of usual residenceYes
 Name of injury place—textYes
 Place of injury—typeYes
 Sport and recreation places—specificYes
 Activity when injured—name of sport or activityYes
 Injury factorsYes
 Equipment used with intent to protect against injuryPartially
 Narrative of mechanism of injuryYes
 Date of presentationYes
 Advice given to injured personPartially
 Treating personYes
 Category agreement score (maximum score = 15)13 (87%)
ASIDD ‘Recommended’ data item
 Time of injuryNo
 Date of injury recordYes
 Part of specific injury placePartially
 Phase or aspect of involvement in activityPartially
 Grade/level of playPartially
 Specific structure injuredPartially
 Time of presentationNo
 Reason for presentationYes
 Category agreement score (maximum score = 8)4 (50%)