Table 5

Hospitalisation rates associated with herpes zoster

CountryAuthorStudy design/databaseCase ascertainmentYearsAgeHospitalisation, 100 000 person-yearsOlder age group
USALinHospital discharge data in ConnecticutICD-9 primary or secondary1986–1995All ages16.1144.2 in ≥80 years
USACoplanKaiser Northern CaliforniaICD-9 primary confirmed by medical charts1994All ages2.19.3 in ≥60 years
USAPatelNational inpatient sample dataICD-9 any diagnostic position1993–2004All ages25.0112.3 in ≥60 years
USAJacksonGroup Health in Washington medical recordsICD-9 primary confirmed by medical charts1992–2004≥50 years14.065.1 in ≥80 years
CanadaBrissonHospital claims in ManitobaICD-9 any diagnostic position1979–1997All agesNA86.0 in ≥65 years
CanadaEdgarMinistry of health service data in British ColumbiaICD-9/ICD-10 any diagnostic position1994–2003All ages10.099.0 in ≥80 years
CanadaTanuseputroHospital discharge data in OntarioICD-9/ICD-10 any diagnostic position1992–2010All ages6.775.0 in ≥80 years
UKBrissonHospitalisation episode statistics in EnglandICD-9/ICD-10 any diagnostic position1995–1996All agesNA148.0 in ≥65 years
UKBrissonHospitalisation episode statistics in EnglandICD-10 primary diagnosis1991–2000All ages4.419.1 in ≥60 years
FranceGonzalez- ChiappeNational hospital dataICD-10 primary diagnosis2005–2008All ages4.1
GermanyUltschFederal health monitoring systemICD-10 primary diagnosis2007–2008≥50 years44.6102.5 in ≥80 years
The Netherlandsde MelkerNational healthcare registryICD-9/ICD-10 primary or secondary1998–2001All ages2.719.0 in ≥80 years
The NetherlandsPierikRetrospective population-based study, GPs in AlmereHospital referrals by GPs2004–2008All ages15.5
BelgiumBilckeNational Christian Sickness FundICD-9 primary or secondary2000–2007All ages14.285.0 in ≥80 years
SpainGilNational hospital dataICD-9 any diagnostic position1999–2000All ages8.4
SpainGilNational hospital dataICD-9 primary or secondary1998–2004≥30 years13.454.3 in ≥80 years
SpainBayasNational hospital data in CataloniaICD-9 any diagnostic position1993–2003All ages9.7
SpainMorant- TalamanteElectronic medical record database in ValenciaICD-9 any diagnostic position2007–2010All ages3.015.7 in ≥80 years
SpainGil-PrietoNational hospital dataICD-9 any diagnostic position2005–2010All ages10.3
ItalyDi LegamiHospital discharge records in PiemonteICD-9 primary or secondary2004≥14 years12.046.0 in ≥80 years
ItalyGialloretiNational hospital discharge recordsICD-9 primary diagnosis2003–2005All ages5.626.0 in ≥80 years
PortugalMesquitaNational public hospital dataICD-9 primary diagnosis2000–2010All ages1.9
SwedenStudahlNational patient registerICD-10 primary diagnosis2006–2010All ages6.9
AustraliaMacIntyreNational hospital morbidity dataICD-9/ICD-10 any diagnostic position1998–1999All ages25.0300.0 in ≥80 years
AustraliaSteinNational hospital morbidity dataICD-10 primary diagnosis1998–2005≥50 years28.095.8 in ≥80 years
AustraliaCarvilleVictoria admitted episode dataICD-10 primary diagnosis2006–2007All ages9.189.4 in ≥80 years
TaiwanJihNational health insurance registryICD-92000–2006All ages16.1100.0 in ≥80 years
TaiwanLinNational health insurance registryICD-92000–2005All ages14.6
  • GP, general practitioner; ICD, International Classification of Diseases.