Table 2

Mortality by baseline health-risk behaviours and states, social attributes and history of injury, Thai Cohort Study

Social and health attributesVital status by attributes, per centIncidence/10 000 person-years
Alive (86 457)Other deaths (376)Injury deaths (204)Injury deaths (204)Transport (84)Non-transport (120)
Transport (84)Non-transport (120)
Health-risk attributes
 Alcohol drinking
  Stop8.918. 822
 Ever drunk driving in past year
  Do not usually drive8.
Health and social attributes
 Self-assessed health
  Poor or very poor4.
 Chronic conditions
 Doctor-diagnosed depression
 Social capital
  Low trust38.236.934.535.433.9912
  Low support25.533.220.122.618.3920
  Low interaction23.325.528.922.633.3910
Injury reported in 2005
 Number of injuries
  At least once20.229.527.933.324.21616
 Location of injury