Table 2

Varimax rotated structure coefficients from the final exploratory analysis five-component model

6. It is easy to injure your back−0.0030.085−0.0280.0360.8380.711
11. You could injure your back if you are not careful0.0620.0710.2210.0030.7740.657
13. Back pain means that you have injured your back0.0500.1210.8630.060−0.0250.767
14. A twinge in your back can be the first sign of a serious injury−0.1160.0880.7880.0140.2310.695
25. If you have back pain you should avoid exercise0.0400.1730.1940.8170.0040.737
27. If you have back pain you should try to stay active0.170−0.028−0.1030.8460.0390.758
30. Focusing on things other than the back helps you to recover from back pain0.8940.028−0.0050.1050.0450.813
31. Expecting your back pain to get better helps you to recover from back pain0.8960.020−0.0490.1010.0110.816
32. Once you have had back pain there is always a weakness−0.0750.8430.1100.0860.0900.744
33. There is a high chance that an episode of back pain will not resolve0.1230.8430.0940.0440.0730.743
  • *A loading cut-off value of 0.5 was used for inclusion in components (these are indicated by bold typeface).