Table 1

The effect of adding each predictor separately to the null multilevel model of decision satisfaction

PredictorImprovement to model fit (change in −2log likelihood)Coefficient B (SE)
Decision size (service cost)51.8***0.004 (0.053)
PCA1: productive discussion48.5***−0.170 (0.023)
PCA2: information availability and use22.7***−0.112 (0.023)
The number of decision-making tools used17.4***−0.0408 (0.0166)
Experience of NHS commissioning (years)12.8***−0.0102 (0.0049)
Sources of empirical evidence as defined by Weatherly et al2310.7**−0.037 (0.051)
Sources of evidence derived from our qualitative research2110.4**−0.014 (0.050)
Respondent medical qualification (yes/no)6.4*−0.1299 (0.0510)
Index of multiple deprivation of population served (IMD)2.90.0056 (0.0032)
PCA3: dealing with uncertainty0.7−0.008 (0.024)
Size of population served (proxy for size of commissioning organisation)0.10.0000 (0.0000)
  • *p<0.05; **p<0.01; ***p<0.001.

  • NHS, National Health Service; PCA, principal component analysis.