Table 3

Injury mortality by ICD-10, Thai Cohort Study

Types of injury deathsNumber of deathsRate per 10 000 person-years
Transport injuries
 V01–V09 pedestrian20.2
 V20–V29 motorcycle rider141.6
 V40–V49 car occupant151.7
 V50–59 occupant of pick-up truck or van31.0
 V80–V89 other land transport accident90.1
 V89.2 person injured in unspecified motor vehicle394.5
 V90–V94 water transport10.1
 V95–V97 air and space transport10.1
Non-transport injuries
 W00–W19 falls20.3
 W65–W74 drowning and submersion101.3
 W75–W84 other threats to breathing10.1
 W87 exposure to electric current20.3
 X00–X09 exposure to smoke, fire and flames20.3
 X33 victim of lighting10.1
 X38 victim of flood10.1
 X58–X59 exposure to other unspecified factors162.1
 X60–X84 intentional self-harm
  X65 intentional self-poisoning30.3
  X70 intentional self-harm by hanging, strangulation and suffocation70.8
 X85–Y09 assault
  X95 assault by unspecified firearm discharge222.5
  X99 assault by sharp object 30.3
  Y99 assault by other unspecified means50.6
 Y10–Y34 Event of undetermined intent
  Y18 poisoning by and exposure to pesticides10.1
  Y20 hanging, strangulation and suffocation30.3
  Y22–Y24 firearm discharge, undetermined intent131.5
  Y25 contact with explosive material10.1
  Y28–Y29 contact with sharp of blunt object40.5
  Y34 unspecified event, undetermined intent232.6
  • ICD, International Classification of Diseases.