Table 1

Demographic characteristics of the study population measured at baseline

StatisticOctanediol then placeboPlacebo then octanediolTotalp Value
Number of participants342963
Mean age (years)8.127.727.94NS
Percentage of age 1–970.5972.4171.43
Percentage of males20.5920.6920.63NS
Mean number living in household4.444.694.56NS
Mean number checked for lice2.502.662.57NS
Mean number with lice in household1.381.141.27NS
Hair length score*3.383.343.37NS
Percentage with hair below shoulders61.7655.1758.73
Hair thickness score†2.381.902.16<0.05
Percentage with hair thick52.9424.1439.68
Degree of curl score‡1.621.341.49NS
Percentage with straight hair58.8275.8666.67
Mean hair type score§1.972.102.03NS
Percentage with hair normal97.0689.6693.65
Percentage with ‘continuous’ or ‘constant’ head lice, or with >10 infestations in the last year35.2944.8339.68NS
Percentage washing hair less than twice per week11.7634.4822.22<0.1
Percentage using hair dye5.8810.347.94NS
Mean infestation level¶
  • *Scoring 1=closely cropped, 2=above ears, 3=ears to shoulders and 4=below shoulders.

  • †Scoring 1=fine, 2=medium, 3=thick.

  • ‡Scoring 1=straight, 2=wavy, 3=slight curl, 4=tight curl.

  • §Scoring 1=dry, 2=normal, 3=greasy.

  • ¶Scoring 0=none, 1=light, 2=moderate, 3=heavy.