Table 3

Summary of logistic regression analysis of kinematic injury predictors, significantly associated with concussion (p<0.001), ranked using the likelihood ratio test, pseudo-R2 and percentage correct classification statistics

Variable−2 Log likelihood ratioNagelkerke
Percentage correct
Classification (%)
Concussion likelihood values
χ2p Value50%75%
Angular acceleration (coronal plane)26.8<0.0010.6892.51747 rad/s22296 rad/s2
Angular velocity (resultant)21.9<0.0010.5980.022.2 rad/s27.5 rad/s
Angular velocity (coronal plane)18.8<0.0010.5285.010.8 rad/s15.9 rad/s
Linear acceleration (resultant)14.8<0.0010.4382.565.1 g88.5 g
Linear acceleration (inferior component)14.1<0.0010.4177.512.3 g20.7 g
Angular acceleration (transverse plane)12.3<0.0010.3780.01909 rad/s23008 rad/s2
Angular acceleration (resultant)10.2<0.0010.3182.53958 rad/s26633 rad/s2