TableĀ 4

Barriers to posthospital discharge rehabilitation programmes for survivors of critical illness

BarrierFrequency reported overall, n (%)Frequency reported as main barrier, n (%)
Lack of funding149 (90.9)99 (63.5)
Lack of sufficient staff128 (78.0)17 (10.9)
Resources prioritised to other patient groups/clinical areas71 (43.3)4 (2.7)
Not considered required service at managerial level66 (40.2)22 (14.1)
Lack of available space50 (30.5)2 (1.3)
Insufficient patient numbers to justify35 (21.3)11 (7.1)
Extracontractual (out-of-area) patient caseload15 (9.1)0 (0.0)
Lack of trained staff13 (7.9)0 (0.0)
No evidence4 (2.4)0 (0.0)
Not sure what to include in a programme2 (1.2)0 (0.0)
Other (time constraints)1 (0.6)1 (0.6)
  • For frequency of reported barriers overall, n=164 responses. For frequency of reporting as main barrier, n=156 responses. (n=182 responses, excluding one blank response, 10 non-applicable responses relating to rehabilitation programmes in regular operation, seven non-responses to both parts of this question, and a further 8 non-responses to specifying the main barrier).