Table 1

Demographics of respondent organisations

CharacteristicN (%)
Response rate according to the UK country
 England145 (75.1)
 Scotland20 (87.0)
 Wales12 (80.0)
 Northern Ireland5 (55.6)
Type of hospital
 University teaching66 (36.5)
 District general115 (63.5)
Total number of critical care units*
 Level 3 (ICU)112
 Level 2 (HDU)170
 Combination levels 3 and 2 units98
Total number of critical care beds*
 Level 3 (ICU)1007
 Level 2 (HDU)1090
 Combination levels 3 and 2 units1354
Frequency of reported types of patients admitted to critical care unit*†
  • n=181 responses (except for response rate according to country, n=192 responses). Critical care units and bed numbers refer to the total number within respondent organisations overall, for example, one organisation may have multiple critical care areas.

  • *n=2 non-responses.

  • †Data presented indicate frequency of reported occurrence of type. Multiple responses could be given.

  • ‡Other, for example, haematology, infectious disease, maxillofacial, vascular.

  • ENT, ear, nose, throat; HDU, high dependency unit; ICU, intensive care unit.