Table 1

Study parameters, instruments and interviewee

Parameter and instrumentInterviewee
Person with IDGroup leader*Key carer†
Level of intellectual disability (ID)
 Intellectual Disability Level Assessment Sheet7XX
Psychiatric symptomatology
 Psychiatric Assessment Schedule for Adults with Developmental Disability Checklist (PAS-ADD Checklist)10XX
Problem behaviour
 Aberrant Behavior Checklist-Community (ABC-C)12XX
 Camberwell Assessment of Need for Adults with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities (CANDID)13XXX
Quality of life—adult with ID
 WHO Quality of Life Questionnaire; Short Version (WHOQOL-BREF)14; Disability Module (WHOQOL-Dis)15 16XX
 WHO Quality of Life Questionnaire; Easy Read Short Version (WHOQOL-BREF-ERV) Disability Module—Easy Read Version (WHOQOL-Dis-ERV)X
Health services utilisation and costs
 Client Socio-Demographic and Service Receipt Inventory (CSSRI)17XX
Related caregiver burden and costs for care
 Involvement Evaluation Questionnaire (IEQ)18 19X
 Financial Burden Family Sheet20
Quality of life—related caregiver
 WHO Quality of Life Questionnaire (WHOQOL-BREF)14X
 Empowerment Scale—Easy Read Version21X
Mental healthcare provision
 Open questionsXXX
  • *Group leader in the sheltered workshop.

  • †Key carer (related caregiver or staff in the sheltered housing institution).