Table 5

Morbidity associated with birth admission coded on neonatal birth admission record

ICD-10-AM Groupingn=58 300n=179 003
CountPer cent Countper centp Value
Certain conditions originating in the perinatal period (P00–P96)
 Fetus and newborn affected by maternal infectious and parasitic diseases (P00.2)410.079890.55<0.001
 Fetus and newborn affected by forceps delivery (P03.2)4730.8111080.62<0.001
 Fetus and newborn affected by delivery by vacuum extractor (P03.3)5110.8815090.840.46
 Birth trauma (all body systems) (P10–P15)29485.0664473.60<0.001
 specifically to scalp (included in above total) (P12)18803.2239652.22<0.001
 Intrauterine hypoxia (P20)9931.7021701.21<0.001
 Other specified respiratory conditions of newborn (P28)5620.9610150.57<0.001
 Benign and innocent cardiac murmurs in newborn (P29.82)1390.243030.170.001
 Neonatal conjunctivitis specific to the perinatal period (P39.1)17402.9822671.270.001
 Jaundice-related conditions (P58–P59)27284.6851662.89<0.001
 Transitory disorders of carbohydrate metabolism specific to fetus and newborn (P70)5020.869420.53<0.001
 Conditions involving the integument and temperature regulation of fetus and newborn (P80–P83)12142.0822751.27<0.001
 Vomiting in newborn (P92.0)3200.556930.39<0.001
 Feeding problems in newborn (P92)22313.8341572.32<0.001
Factors influencing health status and contact with health services (Z00–Z99)
 Routine and ritual circumcision (Z41.2)*15525.311870.21<0.001
 Observation and evaluation of newborn (Z03)21873.7511 3726.35<0.001
 Prophylactic chemotherapy (antibiotics) (Z29.2)930.169350.52<0.001
 Socioeconomic circumstances (housing, distance, adoption, assumption of care) (Z76)320.0510200.57<0.001
  • Bold typeface denotes where several similar codes have been combined; non-bold indicates results are for one code.

  • *As a percentage of male babies.