Table 2

Adjusted ORs of macrosomia for BMI and BG level measured at GCT

OR95% CIp Value
Models for BMI and BG separately
 BMI1.14(1.10 to 1.19)<0.0001
 BG1.11(1.01 to 1.23)0.03
Models for BMI+BG simultaneously
 BMI1.14(1.09 to 1.19)<0.0001
 BG1.07(0.97 to 1.18)0.18
  • Adjustment for maternal age, height, education, nationality and residence, infant's gender, gestational age at GCT, systolic blood pressure, maternity insurance, disease history and gestational age at birth.

  • BG, blood glucose; BMI, body mass index; GCT, glucose challenge test.